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Dan Riley

Dan Riley is a skilled broker with over 23 years of experience in the real estate industry. His background as an appraiser for one of the nation’s largest savings and loan companies means Dan is extremely knowledgeable and understands the value of property; this aptitude helps his clients pin point their return on investment, whether they are buying or selling. Working with a real estate broker should be an experience similar to hiring a project manager. Dan’s know-how, organization and proactive nature is an invaluable asset to each of his clients.

As a local and resident of the Eastside and Mercer Island community, Dan has an insider’s edge and a strong pulse on the market. The nuance between neighborhoods is hardly understood by part-time, out-of-area brokers or other online companies. To properly compete in this ever-changing market, having a local on your side is key. Similar homes in adjacent communities may result-in completely different home values. Dan helps to familiarize and prepare his clients with the neighborhoods and market to win their dream home or offer. Working with Dan is the competitive advantage one needs to negotiate a sometimes difficult transaction and to possibly save money, resulting in a successful home sale and peace of mind.

When he’s not out searching the market for homes, Dan enjoys traveling with his family. From castles and museums in distant lands, Dan, his wife and their two daughters are constantly seeking new adventures around every corner.
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